Benefits Tarazi Baking Crumbs

Gluten & Grain Free
Non-GMO Project Verified
Zero Cholesterol & Zero Saturated Fats
7 grams of Protein per serving

Breadcrumb substitute – Gluten & Grain Free
A good source of protein
Traditional mix of chickpeas and fava bean

Tarazi Baking Crumbs vs. Traditional Breadcrumbs

Tarazi Original Tarazi Italian Style Tarazi Mediterranean Style Breadcrumbs Panko
Protein 7g 7g 7g 4g 4g
Saturated Fats 0g 0g 0g 0.361g 0g
Cholesterol 0mg 0mg 0g 0mg 0mg
Dietary Fiber 7g 7g 7g 1.4g < 1g
Vitamin D
Calcium 30mg 50mg 50mg 55mg 0g
Iron 2mg 2mg 2mg 1.45mg 0.4mg
Potassium 340mg 350mg 500mg 59mg 0mg