Yield: Makes 4 burgers

Burger ingredients:

1 medium eggplant, about 1 pound

salt for sprinkling

1 egg, beaten in a shallow bowl

¾ c. Tarazi Mediterranean Style Baking Crumbs

olive oil for cooking

Topping ingredients:

2 T. basil pesto

juice of half a lemon

¼ t. ground black pepper

¼ t. garlic powder

½ c. plain yogurt

1t. smoked paprika

2 c. baby arugula

4 slices tomato

4 burger buns

Get ready a large mesh strainer and set it over a large bowl. Then, after slicing the eggplant into 1-½ inch wheels, place them in the prepared mesh strainer and sprinkle them lightly with salt on both sides. Let the salted eggplant sit for 20 minutes to remove any bitterness.

Meanwhile, prepare the toppings. In a medium bowl, mix together the pesto, lemon juice, and black pepper. Add the baby arugula to the pesto bowl and mix thoroughly just before serving. In another bowl, stir together the garlic powder, yogurt, and smoked paprika. Set both bowls aside.

After the eggplant have sat for 20 minutes, pat the wheels dry with a paper towel. First dunk an eggplant wheel in the beaten egg, then in Tarazi Mediterranean Style Baking Crumbs. Repeat until all eggplant slices have been coated.

To cook the eggplant burgers, preheat a large skillet to medium heat and pour enough olive oil into the pan to lightly coat the surface. Cook the eggplant burgers for 5 minutes on each side, for 10 minutes total. Serve each crispy eggplant burger on a bun with yogurt sauce, tomato slice, and a generous portion of dressed arugula.